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Bankruptcy In-crisis

  • Understanding bankruptcy
    • A document that describes the various chapters of bankruptcy and when consumers should actually consider bankruptcy as a valid option.
  • Foreclosure presentation
    • A downloadable power point presentation to help consumers understand the foreclosure process.
  • More information about foreclosure
    • This downloadable document gives consumers a thorough understanding of the foreclosure process. Additionally, the document provides various common consumer mistakes that can be avoided.
  • Getting out of debt 
    • From Practical Money Skills, this page gives a helpful overview concerning how to get out of debt, the various types of bankruptcy, and credit counseling.
  • Bankruptcy Basics  
    • This page, by Nolo, is a good starting point to learn the basics about bankruptcy. The page offers a variety of helpful links concerning the different types of bankruptcy and the concept of debts being discharged.
  • Filing for Bankruptcy 
    • From the Federal Trade Commission, this article gives information concerning filing for bankruptcy and steps needed before an individual can file.
  • Legal information concerning bankruptcy
    • From Washington Law Help, this page has links to various bankruptcy issues from accredited sources.