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budgeting calculator

Budgeting/ Tracking Expenses

  • How to budget guide
    • This document outlines the importance of establishing a budget and offers a guide to help successfully create and follow a budget.
    • From the creators of the Senior Money Project, this website has several free programs, including “Money Answers,” “Debt Slapped,” and a “Online Financial Evaluator.”  Look for them on the “Programs” tab of the website.
  • Budgeting
    • From Practical Money Skills this article gives information about what consumers need to consider when establishing a budget. Additionally, a helpful budget worksheet is attached.
  • Live within your means
    • From Practical Money Skills, this article provides useful tips to help consumers live within their means.
  • Developing a Budget
    • This article, from the Federal Trade Commission, sets out a list of considerations consumers should keep in mind when establishing a budget.