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Credit report

Credit Report and Scores

  • Credit Scoring
    • This page, from Nolo, helps explain how credit scores are calculated and how an individual can work to improve them.
  • Credit report basics
    • This page, from Nolo, helps give a basic understanding about what a credit report is, what information is included in a credit report, and how long information remains on your credit report.
    • Additionally, the page provides a link to help obtain a credit report for free.
  • Obtain a free credit report
    • From, this page is the source where individuals can obtain a free credit report, from each of the credit reporting companies, every twelve months.
  • Scams regarding Free Credit Reports
    • This article, from AARP, warns individuals about scams that can cost individuals money when trying to obtain a credit report.
    • The article also links to the free annual credit report home page.
  • Credit Checks for job applicants
    • This article, from AARP, details how a poor credit score can affect an individuals job opportunities.
  • Q&A about credit score
    • From the FTC, this article helps address multiple questions concerning credit scores and improving one’s score.
  • Credit Card tips
    • This article, from the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, outlines five tips for consumers to get the most out of their credit card. Additionally, the article is available in Spanish.
  • Information about Term Loans
    • This downloadable document helps consumers understand what term loans are and provides advice for customers to consider when shopping for the right term loan.
  • Presentation about Term Loans
    • A downloadable power point presentation helps gives consumers a thorough understanding of term loans.