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Credit Loan


  • Credit Card tips
    • This article, from the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, outlines five tips for consumers to get the most out of their credit card. Additionally, the article is available in Spanish.
  • Understanding credit cards and payday loans
    • This article presents consumers with helpful information concerning how payday loans and credit cards work.
  • Getting out of credit card debt
    • This article from Nolo, gives helpful information about how to get out of credit card debt. Additionally, the article includes helpful examples and warnings about potential scams.
  • Responsibilities in owning a credit card
    • This page, from Practical Money Skills, sets out the advantages and also responsibilities associated with using a credit card.
    • Additionally, the page has links concerning “Credit Cared Terminology,” “Credit Pros and Cons,” “The True Cost of Credit,” and the “Credit CARD Act.”
  • Free credit report information
    • From the Federal Trade Commission, this page outlines how an individual can obtain a free credit score. Additionally, the article outlines scams that appear to offer free credit scores.
  • Understanding credit, debit, and charge cards
    • From the Federal Trade Commission, this article defines and differentiates between debit, credit, and charge cards.
  • Understanding your credit report
    • From the Washington State Office of the Attorney General, this page gives individuals information concerning how to obtain a free credit report, what information is included in your credit report, and who can obtain your credit file.