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Estate Planning

Estate Planning

  • Estate Planning Guide
    • This page, from the Public Law Library of King County, gives a variety of sources the public can go to for more information concerning estate planning. These sources are not Washington specific. Additionally, the page also directs the public where to find relevant books in the King County Public Library system.
  • Wills, probate & other advanced directives
    • From WashingtonLawHelp, this page covers information from estate planning for unmarried couples to mental health directives.
  • “After a Death Occurs” checklist
    • This is an “After a Death Occurs” checklist created by Legal Voice.
    • The checklist is helpful because it lists various documents that are important to locate after the death of a relative.
  • Basic Estate Planning for Unmarried Couples
    • This memo, by Legal Voice, provides information about estate planning for unmarried couples.
    • This memo is very expansive and goes beyond simply writing a will.
  • Questions and answers on living wills
    • From Columbia Legal Services, this article gives clear procedural steps needed to create a living will. The article gives consumers a living will template. Alternatively, the document is available in Spanish
  • Revocable Living Trusts
    • This is a very expansive brochure, by the Washington State Bar Association, concerning revocable living trusts.
  • Signing a document when physically unable 
    • This PDF, from WashingtonLawHelp, covers information concerning how to sign documents when physically unable. Additionally, the PDF includes the relevant code sections of the Revised Code of Washington.
  • Attorneys who can handle estate-planning issues
    • This page, by Senior Services, gives a list of attorneys, in Washington State, who can handle estate-planning issues.
  • Estate, Wills and Trusts Guide
    • This document helps prepare older consumers with important estate planning tools such as will preparation, establishing a trust, creating a power of attorney, and when to seek out an estate planning attorney.
  • Diminished Capacity
    • This document offers useful advice for adults who are helping their older parents with estate planning issues.