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Insurance Protection

Insurance Protection

  • Long Term Care Insurance Guide
    • A document that helps consumers understand long-term care insurance and information pertaining to its costs.
  •  Getting Kids Healthcare
    • This website focuses on getting healthcare coverage for children in the state of Washington.
  • Understanding your health insurance coverage
    • From Nolo, this article focuses on the importance of consumers understanding the extent of their health insurance coverage. Additionally, the article helps consumer understand particular benefits of a health plan.
  • Health Plan Disputes
    • From Nolo, this article provides a detailed account of what steps consumers can take if they have a dispute concerning their healthcare coverage.
  • Understanding your auto insurance policy
    • From the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, this article helps consumers understand what their auto insurance policy covers.
  • Help with Insurance
    • From the Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner, this is a very expansive, and useful, website that helps individuals find a health plan, file a complaint, and get more information concerning other issues. The page focuses on individuals but has a link for industry professionals.
  • Statewide Insurance Commissions
    • This website provides an interactive map of the official insurance commissions of all 50 states and U.S. territories.