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Safe Banking

Safe Banking and Protecting your Accounts

  • Safe Banking
    • This downloadable Powerpoint offers advice to help consumers practice safe banking. The presentation covers topics such as establishing a bank account, safely using automatic payment systems, and how to avoid identity theft.
  • Safe Banking Tutorial
    • This downloadable document offers consumers safe banking advice and provides a variety of common mistakes that consumers can easily avoid.
  • Finding the right financial institution
    • This article, by Practical Money Skills, outlines various considerations consumers should keep in mind when choosing the right bank.
  • What to Shred
    • From Washington State Office of the Attorney General, this page identifies key documents that should be shredded and how long to keep sensitive documents.
  • Protecting your checking account
    • From the Federal Reserve, this page is a simple 5 step list of protective measure that can be taken to protect your checking account.