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  • Documentary on Preventing Investment Fraud
    • A short trailer, and free access, to a DVD copy of Trick$ of the Trade: Outsmarting Investment Fraud, which was originally featured on PBS. The documentary can be ordered, free of charge, online or by phone.
  • Financial self-defense guide for seniors
    • From Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc., this downloadable document alerts consumers to common fraudulent and or unethical practices carried out by financial advisors and what steps consumers can take to protect themselves.
  • Annuities Guide
    • A concise document that helps consumers understand what annuities are as well as the different types. Additionally, this document highlights potential consumer pitfalls associated with annuities.
  • Watch out for these scams!
    • This article highlights a variety of popular scams, helping consumers identify a variety of them, and provides advice to consumers as to how they can avoid them.
  • Funeral-burial considerations
    • This documents informs consumers regarding preneed agreements with funeral homes. Consumers are given information concerning how preneed agreements are regulated and key questions to ask before paying for a preneed agreement.
  • Reverse Mortgage Scams
    • This article, by Nolo, details scams associated with reverse mortgages. Additionally, the article offers advice as to when a reverse mortgage might be a good solution.
  • Investment Risks
    • From the Federal Trade Commission, this website outlines various considerations investors should keep in mind before making any serious financial investment.
  • Investing Online
    • This article, by the Federal Trade Commission, outlines various considerations consumers need to keep in mind when investing online in order to avoid various scams. The article also provides consumers with information about how to report online investment fraud.
  • Report Fraud
    • From the U.S. Department of Justice, this website offers consumers a list of investigative agencies who deal with possible cases of fraud.
  • Protect your parents from scams
    • This article, by the AARP, gives advice to consumers for how they can protect their parents from scams. Additionally, the article is available in Spanish.
  • Most recent scam alerts
    • From the Federal Trade Commission, this website provides an update list of current reported scams.
  • Scam Alerts
    • From the Washington State Office of the Attorney General, this website offers information on a range of common scams, such as charity scams and travel scams.
  • How to help a scam victim
    • This expansive guide, by, offers advocates information about how they can successfully work with victims of financial fraud.
  • A guide to help you prevent financial abuse
    • This guide, by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, provides seniors with information about both managing finances and reducing the risk of financial exploitation.
  • Senior Financial Safety
    • From the Institute for Financial Literacy, this website provides a program that offers seniors basic tools for managing personal finances.
  • IRS Call Scam
    • This page, by the Washington State Office of the Attorney General, warns consumers about a phone scam targeting taxpayers across the country.
  • “Dialing for Dollars” scam
    • From the Federal Trade Commission, this article warns consumers of a recent scam in which a scammer calls, pretending to be a government official, and claims that you owe money.