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Social security

Social Security

  • FAQ’s on Social Security
    • From the Social Security Administration website, over 500 frequently asked questions concerning social security.
  • Understanding the benefits of the Social Security system
    • An expansive brochure, by the Social Security Administration, explaining the social security system and how benefits are accessed. The brochure helps individuals understand that Social Security is more than just a retirement program.
  • Understand Social Security
    • This web page, by 360degrees of Financial Literacy, gives a very simple explanation as to how social security works and how you can apply.
  • Social Security scams
    • From the Social Security Administration website, a brief warning concerning certain fishing strategies and who to contact if you suspect a fraud is occurring.
  • Social Security Income Protections
    • This document sets up a hypothetical situation to help teach consumers who can and cannot garnish your social security benefits.