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Who We Are

We want you to know there is an abundance of scams, fraud, and bad deals designed to relieve you of your money. The Senior Money Project is a wake up call to highlight the urgent need to identify scams targeting senior citizens and to help you make wise financial choices and protect yourself against fraud.

This project was produced by CENTS. CENTS (Consumer Education and Training Services) is a nonprofit co-founded by Federal Bankruptcy Judge Karen A. Overstreet and Seattle bankruptcy professionals. The organization’s mission is to teach individuals how to make informed financial decisions. The Senior Money Project is the culmination of teamwork by Western Washington financial professionals and attorneys, including representatives from the Northwest Justice Project, Federal Trade Commission, and the United States Bankruptcy Court to create an instructional video, companion website, and in-person presentations.

CENTS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a demonstrated commitment to creating effective money management educational programs for the community. CENTS offers a number of free financial education programs, including Money Sense, a 2 hour money management course; Financial Evaluator, an online program to help people evaluate their financial standing; Smart Borrowing, a 40 minute educational video and workbook about making wise borrowing choices; Debt Slapped, an innovative 40 minute educational video and website created to engage students about the perils of excessive debt and the urgent need to make informed student loan and credit choices, as well as other educational resources available on its website. To learn more about CENTS and its programs, please see

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